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Discover true barbeque

At Barbacoa, we honor the origins of the food we serve. From the classic barbeque traditions of southern USA, to the Mexican genuine food culture that has inspired our name – you can experience it all at Barbacoa in Trysil. We don’t take shortcuts. We serve our barbeque as it should be. Tender, juicy, packed with flavors. Cooked low and slow. It’s barbeque done right. It’s true barbeque.

Low and slow

Barbeque smoked meats

Enjoy the smoky, mouth-watering flavor explosions of American South-style barbeque. All meat is cooked in our smoker for 6-15 hours at a low temperature. This makes the meat tender and juicy. Served with coleslaw, corn bread and your choice of side orders. 

Viva Mexico

Mexican food

Try our Mexican dishes, with meat, fish or vegan fillings on fresh tortillas, with cilantro, a squeeze of lime and toppings that make the flavors pop. 


Vegan? Yep. Good? Yep.

At Barbacoa, you’ll find plenty of vegan choices. Everything cooked with a passion for flavor. We offer vegan dishes from both our barbeque and taco menus. If you need help picking out what’s good (which is everything) – ask us! 

Book a day ahead. It’s food worth waiting for.

We cook our food low and slow, sometimes up to 15 hours. We use smokers and grills where the flavors are concentrated, and the meat gets so tender you won’t believe your eyes.


The restaurant feeling – at home. We offer barbeque and taco home dinner menus, perfect for dinner parties with friends. We cook, smoke and barbeque your dinner to perfection. Then we chill and vacuum seal it and deliver it to your home, with easy instructions on how to heat it. How to enjoy it the best? That’s up to you. 


Want to get creative? Contact us if you are a group who wants a great time. We handle everything from regular table reservations to custom made experiences and events. Why not a mountain-top barbeque dinner on snowmobilesWe do more than great food, contact us and we’ll come back with the best event idea for you! 

Find us

You find us next to the main lift "Trysilekspressen" at Trysil Turistsenter.          

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